9 Mayıs 2016 Pazartesi

A Letter to a certain Cousin I

Cousin you see, always the same repetitive cycles. You thought that you were in Adrianopolis, and found out that you are in Nicomedea, and got bored making a plan towards Nicaea. And guess what! Two of your cousins were already there! There was a strange rumour going on. They said there will be an inauguration ceremony. You thought that it seemed not possible, but not blundered out.

So you three cousins came together making a productive plan, hopefully sustainable. You, Constans, Constantius and Constantinus. All of you told the Volk that you are Arians, grandchildren of a certain Arius, which in fact was hiding some truth in it, but in time they interpreted your story about Arius differently, according to their custom and sacrifice Arius in their own way. Then, within a week you mixed mit dem Volk cum populi Nicaeae (Νικαία) and see that something was not going well. Then you identify yourself as Semi-Arians, which was hiding some truth in itself. But curiously enough your mother and your maternal aunt and your maternal aunt of second degree being your nanny and grandmother to the third degree would not had appeared in the inauguration ceremony which you already rated as not possible, but all of your calculations depended upon this ceremony somehow. You as three cousins, Arians and semi-Arians were in real trouble. Das Volk Nicaeae sensed something in relation with Ehre. This kind of weird Ehre had not directly to do with soil and Money. You three cousins could not get rid of it. These strange people were demanding strange things, rituals with which you three cousins Constans, Constantius and  Constantinus were not familiar. Your mother, your maternal aunt, your maternal auntt to the second degree, your nanny being at the same time your grandmother to the third degree were absent.

All of these were happening before Imperator Iulians' stately arrival. Iulian whose cousins also hiess Constans and Constantius, Iulian WHO was schlachted apud Persians, WHO did not make any atavisms toward Parthians, WHO had built a solid mercantile relation with Sparthans, a Volk which ahad alreadydisappeared at that time.

See cousin! All we are waiting for the mittöstlichen miraculous splendiferous beauty Iulian at the Milvian Bridge. Some rumour was going on, some people fell in Träumereien. And some rumour was going on, heftig confessional it was becoming. It was the time ante episcopatum Macedonius, WHO may have descend from the geneology of people having attended Lyceum in ancient times. It was the time ante Munizipalität Constantinopoli Macedonii, WHO was a Semi-Aryan as well. I have wonderful editions of craftsmenship Imperatori Iulian, wonderful miraculous splendiferous Litterante and author. Both Classic Greek and aristocratic English, a lot of letters and satyres. I also have wonderful keyboards, which can imitate these stories. My father has his own house and some Money. and I am happy. Sometimes. You? Are you Ugor? Are you in Finland? It is a very sad story between Ural and Altay. These boys are innocent, as far as I am informed. Indeed they have nothing to do with Arians and semi-Aryans, how can it be? So, this letter took to long I hope I will find a way to write shorter letters. By the way, this is geniouie Hurenarbeit mit wessen hab' ich überhaupt keine Probleme. Immer Constans, Constantius, Constantinus.

Alles Ehemalige,
comes Michael Constantius

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