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IVth Crusade Sketch

No. I cannot sleep. I am thinking about...

All of the problem was due to Isaac Komnenos and Angelos (Aggelus) Komnenos (Comnenus) versus I. Manuel Komnenos. Yes. It was. Exactly. At the turn of 1200, it was all about spoilt I. Manuel Komnenos, of whom Enrico Dandolo had heard some rumours. No. I have nothing to do with him, I am not responsible. I am II. Manuel Palaiologos. I am writing letters to Sardis. I was a page of Baalbek B'aye'z'id. B'I'Z'id (US-Zeid) did not want to make a change in urban planning nominally, but Malax-guird is Malax-guird.

No, this is some sketch. It was all about I. Manuel Komnenos, WHO was not Isaac Angelos Aggelus Komnenos Comnenus. But it was too late. Latins were re-appearing thanks to Jews. They were coming home, they were returning. Enrico Dandolo? Heard about Eirene Komnena (the "pink cheeked"), the typika of Ke'khari't'o'men'e (De Jouissandi). He was chasing for a voluminous book invisible, without ever knowing. Books are confiscated monasteries without substructures, sometimes.

Since Staphan Doushan cannot arrive to Konstantinopolis (Constantinopolis) at that time, he waits around Athos, and becomes a protector of architects within the monastery, but being a benevolent man secretly. And Isaac Angelos Aggelus Komnenos Comnenus is real. Worse than I. Manuel Komnenos maybe. Why people (demoi/populi) call a patriotistic arrival a war, whoever knows. But one thing is sure, at the end you will not become a Lombard, because it is too late. Too late for I. Manuel Komnenos Comnenus -circumcised or not- a Roman citizen twice, and too late for Isaac the son of Abraam WHO is the grandfather of Isaac, which means Abraam is both a father and a grandfather to Isaac. Filioque once more. Filioque at the beginning of the 13th century fesch once more, right after the 5th century Anno Domini.

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